Ryan Odagawa

Objective: To expand my knowledge of art and provide clients with professional-level artwork in a timely manner.


ASPEN COMICS Freelance Illustrator 6/11 – 10/11
· Artist on popular comic book series “EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS” and “SOULFIRE”.

SPINMASTER STUDIOS Freelance Illustrator 11/10 – 12-10
· Artist for internal pitch ideas for toy characters.

SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA Freelance Illustrator 6/10 – 10/10 · Colorist for cinematic movies for popular video game “MOTORSTORM:APOCALYPSE”.

ASPEN COMICS/NBC Freelance Illustrator 6/07 – 5/10· Online comic for the NBC hit show “HEROES”.

PICTURE PLANE IMAGING Freelance Illustrator 11/05 -6/06, 1/08-9/09
· Sketching and illustration for clients such as DISNEY, CHEETOS, HASBRO.

UPPERDECK Freelance Illustrator 4/05- 7/05
· Illustrator on game cards for Nickelodeon’s “AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER”.

ALIAS COMICS Freelance Illustrator 6/05- 12/06
· Penciller on comic mini-series “TWINBLADES”.

· Lead Artist on PSP game cinematics “TWISTED METAL:HEAD ON”.

MARVEL COMICS Freelance Illustrator
· Pencilled high-profile comic “Iron Man”. 12/01- 1/02
· Pencilled high-profile comic “Marvel Age: Fantastic Four”11/03
· Pencilled high-profile comic “Marvel Age: Hulk”. 1/04

STUDIO MYTHOS Video Game Texturing and Conceptual Artist 10/01-7/03.
· Illustrator for GameBoy Advanced game “LUFIA”.
· Concept/Texture Artist for wide-selling PC Game “PETZ 5”.
· Modeller/Texture artist for “COMMAND AND CONQUER: GENERALS”.
· Texture artist for top-selling video game “METAL OF HONOR: Frontline”.

IDEA + DESIGN WORKS Freelance Illustrator 8/00-9/01
· Pencilled various comic books for major companies (NFL, MLB).

CARTOON NETWORK ONLINE Freelance Illustrator 7/00
· Enhanced artwork for popular online comic “INTRUDER: SWARM”.

DIGITAL BROOME Studio Illustrator 9/99–7/00
· Penciled well-known comic SHADOWMAN for ACCLAIM COMICS.
· Pencil assist on studio’s biggest selling comic SAFFIRE for IMAGE COMICS.
· Layout artist for various movie video boxes for LEFTFIELD PRODUCTIONS.

CHAOS! COMICS Freelance Illustrator 8/99
· Pencilled comic book VIGILANTE 8 (based on the popular video game).

TIME WARNER (WILDSTORM/DC COMICS) Illustrator 1/99- 7/99
· Pencilled for top-selling comic magazine RESIDENT EVIL (based on the hit video game).
· Illustrated mini-comic for TRIMARK PICTURES’ hit movie “BILLY’S HOLLYWOOD KISS”.
· Various illustrations for WILDSTORM CONSUMER PRODUCTS.

WILDSTORM PRODUCTIONS Illustrator 6/95–1/99
· Pencil assist to original artist on top-selling comic GEN 13.
· Co-created and penciled SAVANT GARDE (spin-off series to lead title “WILDCATS”).
· Pencilled backup stories for top-selling comic WETWORKS.
· Illustrated various cards, pinups, and swimsuit specials based on WILDSTORM characters.

· 1993- 1995 Pasadena City College
· 1993 Art Center College of Design Saturday High Program
· 1989- 1993 Mark Keppel High School graduate

Computer Skills :
· Skilled in high-end graphic programs: PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, LIGHTWAVE 3D, 3D STUDIO MAX.

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