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SZ Cover-Landscape 01

Shadowzone: In The Realm of The Kiv GN- Vol. 1 PRE-ORDER

SHADOWZONE tells the story of KANDORA and CORINA, two sisters separated by years and distance after the tragic day their parents were killed. Kandora was kept behind in the kingdom of SAGONNA under the watchful eye of the warlord IREK, who established himself as her protector and Regent, while Corina was spirited away to grow up under the guidance of ANON, a Monk of the Qi-on (Way of the Rising Spirit).

Kandora has been touched by the corruption of the Kiv, which drives her to try to find the missing peace within herself, a path that will put her in direct conflict with Corina. Crystal lance meets martial arts as the two battle for the fate of Baydera.

Dva_COLOR 01

D.Va Print (Pearlescent Poster Stock)

11 x 17″  Full Color. Pearlescent Poster Stock.

D.Va from Overwatch.

Looks great framed, and printed on high quality shimmery Pearlescent stock, the lighter parts seem to shine even more in the light.

Limited print run. Signed by artist Ryan Odagawa!